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Welcome to my research home page

My name is Néhémie Strupler. I grew up and studied mainly in regions close to the Rhine River. Design has long fascinated me, and my interest in understanding the “human nature” led me to start a bachelor degree in art history, where I discovered that archaeology and the study of mundane artifacts would be a right fit for me. My current research is on incorporating archaeological information into computational science for new spatiotemporal applications (such as Geographic Information System). For this, I use statistical modelling techniques in R and most of the time, I work with data collected on prehistoric Western Asia (the “Ancient Near East”), particularly on Turkey. My PhD thesis investigated how the activities of the capital city of Ḫattuša changed in relation to the political organisation of the Hittite state during the second Millennium BCE.


On this page, you will find information about my research and interests organised in the following categories:


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